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Brand Ambassador 2 - 20/05/22

Brand Ambassador 2

In my blog on 01.04.22 our first Newhall Park Brand Ambassador video went live. I am delighted that the second video of our series is ready and is included below for you to view. As before, it involves three members of the school community talking about their experiences of our school and what Newhall Park means to them. I am really grateful to them for taking the time to contribute. It is really powerful to hear the impact that our approach, intent and vision has on children, parents and staff. Thank you. smiley

Both Year 6 and Year 2 have now completed their National tests. The Year 6 tests have been sent away to be marked by external markers. The results will come into school in July. In Year 2 the tests are used as evidence along with teacher assessment to decide if the children are working at the expected standard for Year 2. The outcomes for Year 2 need to be submitted by the end of June.


We are really proud of all the children. As I said in my last blog, you can definitely see the progress that has been made. The children were incredible during the tests and effectively used all they had learnt in ‘Building Learning Power’ to persevere, be resilient and to notice the details in the questions.


It has been a short half term but a busy one. As you know, the children finish for the half term holiday on Wednesday 25th May. Let’s hope that we get some nice weather and sunshine. We return to school on Monday 6th June for our final half term of the year. Enjoy the holidays and enjoy watching the video.