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School Development Plan - 21/10/22

This has been a successful half term and positive start of the school year. The children in Nursery and Reception have settled into school brilliantly and we are so proud of them. It has also been fantastic to be able to return to doing whole school assemblies and in-person Parents’ Evenings. Thank you to all of you who made appointments either on the phone or in person.

During the Parents’ Evenings on 18th and 19th October we received numerous positive comments about the learning environment in school and how things have changed for the better. Many of you said lovely things about the murals in the entrance hall and how they enhanced that area of the school. It occurred to me that although we had sent out a blog with photographs when the work had been completed this was the first opportunity many of you had had to actually see it.

Over the summer holidays many improvements took place. Major building work took place in Early Years. Nursery and Reception are now one large unit with well thought out areas of provision. The classrooms in Year 3, 4 and 5 have all had new flooring and furniture, which look great. Year 6 is scheduled to get new flooring in October half term. As a school we really believe in investing in our children.

Each year my senior team and I put together a School Development Plan which is shared with the governors. It is our central aim, our ‘why’ that drives this. I have included the visual summary of the School Development Plan below and it shows clearly how ‘the why’ is at the centre of everything we do.


Please contact school if you have any questions and please carry on doing all the things at home that so many of you do to help with your child’s learning.

Have a lovely half term and we will see you all back at school on Monday 31st October.

Well done 👏🏻 to all brilliant term