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The key aim of the curriculum at Newhall Park Primary School is to prepare our children for their future lives in education, the work place and as citizens of the world. It is our role to broaden horizons and open possibilities. We recognise the importance of Computing in achieving this goal.


We feel that thinking computationally and logically, will allow children to develop their ability to problem solve and is a crucial skill in all aspects of the children’s current and future learning. Encouraging children to think critically will allow them to develop their ability to question and ask how something works rather than how do I make it work. We also want all children and staff to be able to access this curriculum and develop computing skills at a suitable pace. 


We are committed to encouraging social mobility and the redistribution of opportunity for all and our curriculum reflects this. Equality is paramount. Computing provides access to opportunities and experiences that some of the children at Newhall Park may not have the opportunity to have. In order to achieve equality, skills learned in Computing are vital. Most of the jobs that our children are learning for, have yet to be invented and most will require an ability to use technology and computers. We need to teach our children how to learn, as well as what to learn.  


The Computing Curriculum at Newhall Park has several aims that are linked to the National Curriculum in England: Computing Programmes of Study. It aims to:

  • Encourage children to think computationally,
  • Encourage children to think critically,
  • Foster creativity,
  • Be accessible to all.

    Long-Term Plan

    Computing in Action at Newhall Park: