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Quality of Education at Newhall Park 20/01/22

We are proud of the Quality of Education that the children receive at Newhall Park and of our quest to constantly improve and constantly ensure that we are enabling the children to thrive.


Our latest OFSTED report recognises that Mathematics is a real strength of the school. Subject Leaders, Mr Conway (NCETM Primary Maths Mastery Specialist) and more recently Mr Bean, have led staff to ensure high quality teaching and learning is embedded within the curriculum. Our skilled teaching staff deliver carefully planned lesson sequences following NCETM’s mastery approach. Children produce work that they can be proud of and demonstrate a positive ‘can do’ attitude towards maths (even when it is challenging!).


The way that the curriculum is put together and sequenced was praised not only in Maths but also in the other subjects that the inspection scrutinised. The opportunities that we give to pupils to make links in their learning is an approach that we value in order to ensure that learning is embedded and exciting – this was also acknowledged by OFSTED.


The report highlights the effective use of assessment across Nursery and Reception in all areas. In the rest of school there is a really rigorous use of assessment across the core subjects. This is less consistent throughout the wider curriculum. We are addressing this through our School Development Plan. Good progress has been made and we are on track with our improvement plan.


The inspection process confirmed how well we know our school and how the school leadership has identified and prioritised the correct areas on the School Development Plan such as Early Reading. The improvement journey in reading is ongoing and strengths were identified such as the new reading scheme which ensures that pupils read books that are matched to the sounds they know, the wide range of books that are explored throughout school and all that the school does to develop the pupils’ love of reading.


The report from the external Developmental Review that the school organised in September 2021 said;

‘Pupils in Year 2 read with confidence, expression and a good understanding. Staff assess pupils’ reading ability well and provide the correct level of books to challenge and engage the reader. Younger children, new to the school this week, are provided with a range of opportunities to develop their interest and confidence in their early reading skills and enjoyment of books.

During that review one Year 6 pupil said, ‘one of the best things about this school is the wide range of fascinating books that are on offer.’


As part of our work in reading we have an action plan and time frame to address the areas that need further improvement. The school has already been engaging with the English Hub as part of this journey. On Friday 14th January we had a full day with an auditor from the English Hub which was brilliant. They thought that the school had a good understanding of where we were up to and what we needed to do - watch this space as I will be keeping you up to date with further feedback when we receive it and our plans for next steps.

Brilliant work done by all well done Newhall Park proud to be a part of the school.