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Welcome 10/11/2021


Welcome to Newhall Park’s first headteacher blog!

Each fortnight a new blog will be posted with the aim of communicating the vision and aims of the school and sharing the good practice that is taking place. As soon as you step into Newhall Park the new murals in the entrance hall highlight our message of ‘Succeeding Together’ and ‘It takes a community to educate a child.’ Please see the photographs below.

As with a lot of Primary Schools we have been working really hard on our curriculum over the past couple of years. We are really proud of the work we have done and if you look at the curriculum section of our website you will see why. Your children are amazing, engaged and motivated to learn! Please take the time to read our Curriculum Intent. It really sums up what we stand for at Newhall Park. I’ve included a quote from the Curriculum Intent below.

‘It is important to us that we produce children who are articulate and capable of being their own advocates in an ever changing and demanding environment. We are committed to encouraging social mobility and the redistribution of opportunity for all and our curriculum reflects this. Equality is paramount and we work tirelessly to develop the skills and knowledge in all our children that they will need to succeed in life.’ Click here for more information about our curriculum.

With this in mind we will be continuing with our focus on good attendance, punctuality and reducing the percentage of persistent absences. Thank you for your support with this.

Karren El Kheir

Head teacher

Good evening, ‚Äč I couldn't agree more and am very sure the community agrees too. To my family your long term planning and hard work on the curriculum and the whole teams persistent effort with the pupils is evident in all our three children. Our eldest son (12yrs) has held on to the values(mentioned in the blog) and has gone on to high school and thrived not only at the main lessons but at violin too. Years ago I wrongly thought violin was one lesson too many for him. I was very wrong. Our two younger sons(7 & 9 yrs) progress is a testament to how well the school continues to progress. We believe teachers are the unsung heroes who builds and shapes communities future. Why? We see this in all our sons as every evening they eagerly narrate what they've learnt and experienced that day. Then in the morning, full of even more hunger and thirst for knowledge they can't wait to get back to school and meet their superheroes again. While they love all subjects watching all our three sons play their violins together has been magical and touching. My family believe we've got the best community ever here. We believe the teachers are the best in the world and this is the best school in the world, and we're absolutely lucky to be a part of it. We thank you for all that you're doing. Thank you.