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SMSC in Physical Education at Newhall Park Primary School


Spiritual PE lessons include teamwork, self-reflection, aspirations to improve performance, rules, sportsmanship and etiquette and an appreciation of sports from all around the world. Through dance, gymnastics and games across the school, pupils are encouraged to be creative, designing and creating their own small sided games or by expressing feelings and emotions in their dance and gymnastic performances. In PE lessons pupils are encouraged to delve deeper into their understanding of PE and the body and how it can be maximised to improve performance. 


Moral Throughout various games pupils make choices regarding rules, sportsmanship and choices including teams, tactics and positions. PE teaches students about code of conduct, rules, etiquette and fair play unwritten rules. Competitive games provide our sports leaders and other students with leadership opportunities. They develop the ability to tell between right and wrong through fair play in lessons, events and participating in other competitive situations. PE encourages students to be understanding of the ability of others and the need to be supportive rather than critical when playing as part of a team.


Social PE allows all pupils to develop the necessary skills to work in teams or pairs as the majority of activities are based around team games or creating sequences in groups. Giving the pupils roles such as: leaders, coaches, umpires or referees offers them the opportunity to develop communication, leadership and mediation skills. Problem solving skills and teamwork are fundamental to PE through creative thinking, discussion, performance of, and the explanation and presentation of ideas. Pupils are encouraged to develop their reasoning and decision making skills communicating with others and explaining concepts with each other. Through various different competitive games and competitions, pupils are encouraged to work with and socialise with a variety of other children they may not normally choose to mix with in classroom situations.



Cultural Through participation in sporting festivals and competitions, children are exposed to a wider range of social, economic and ethnic backgrounds, helping them to develop their understanding and tolerance of these different groups. Actively supporting charitable events, such as Sport Relief, children will become more aware the wider world they live in. Some the ways we can learn about cultural learning in PE lessons include: learning about the developments of sports in different countries, learning where different sports originate from, exploring and respect a variety of different cultural dances.