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The main aim of the Geography curriculum at Newhall Park is to create a curriculum that allows the children to develop a deep understanding of the world through the use of investigations, activities and experiences that will encourage the children to think about the world and the people within it. 


Our Geography curriculum has been specifically designed to help our children to discover and engage with the subject. We aim to ensure that the children are inspired at all times and show curiosity and fascination about the diverse world around them and the natural and human environment which they live in and how this has changed over time. 


Geography at Newhall Park provides the opportunity to:

  • Develop knowledge of the location of significant places, both on land and under the sea
  • Develop the ability to interpret maps, diagrams, globes and aerial photographs 
  • Understand the processes that lead to the key physical, human and geographical changes in the world 
  • Develop the skills to interpret geographical information in a variety of ways 

Long-Term Plan

Geography in Action at Newhall Park: