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Head Teacher Blog 01.03.24


In my last blog which went out on 09.02.24 I spoke about the Developmental Review that we had last half term and how positive the report was.


I wanted to take this opportunity to go into more detail about how successful we are as a school at teaching Early Reading and Phonics. The report was glowing.

“The teaching of Early Reading is very well embedded, streamlined and highly effective.”


Since our last OFSTED inspection in November 2021 we have been on a journey to improve Early Reading and Phonics. Massive improvements have already taken place since 2018, so the school maintained its good status in 2021, but more rigour was needed to improve outcomes for our children. The enormous amount of work and emphasis that has been put into this area has had a huge impact.


The excellent standard of leadership that has driven this has been externally recognised in the report.

“The phonics subject leader speaks highly of the support the school receives from the English Hub and their consultant. However, the significant and sustained improvements are a testimony to the subject leader’s vision, high expectations of all staff, and drive for excellence.”


“The leadership of the headteacher and senior team is very strong. There is a clarity of vision and consistently high expectations for pupils and staff.”


Part of excellent Leadership is the ability to ensure that continuous professional development (CPD) for staff is well thought out and effective.


“Staff have been exceptionally well trained and are now consistent in their approach and ensure a close fidelity to the Little Wandle scheme.

Staff respond quickly to the advice and guidance they receive from the phonics leader, and support staff are increasingly effective in their role.”


The positive impact on the children due to the above is really clear to see.


“All pupils are exceptionally well engaged and put maximum effort into their work.

In Year 1, the excellent phonics sessions seamlessly dovetailed into focused reading sessions. Careful assessment of pupils’ abilities mean that the six groups are pitched at exactly the right level. Teachers subject knowledge is exceptionally strong and they correctly use accurate subject-specific vocabulary with the pupils. Pupils were engaged and put maximum effort into their reading.”


All of this success is the results of really hard work. Newhall Park is offering Early Reading and

Phonics provision that really is a shining example to be proud of. Looking forward to the future any decisions that the school makes regarding the organisation of classes and year groups will be taken to ensure that we can build on this success.


Thank you for your continued support

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