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Brand Ambassadors 01/04/22

Brand Ambassadors 01/04/22

It does feel like Spring is in the air despite the colder weather this week. The atmosphere in school is very positive and the children are engaged and motivated.


The penalty shoot out last week raised over £5,000 which means that half of that will come into school and help us with our development priorities. Thank you so much for your generosity. As you know our focus areas are Phonics and Early Reading and Assessment in the wider curriculum. The pace and enthusiasm for progress is brilliant. The key driver is ‘the why’ – asking ourselves as a team what is it that motivates us. At Newhall Park it is the children and we put them at the heart of everything we do. We believe in social justice and the re-distribution of opportunity. Please watch the clip below to hear what this philosophy means to people working at Newhall Park.

Newhall Park Brand Ambassador - Video 1

It has been lovely to hear children singing again in school. I have heard lower key stage 2 practicing their production. I’m really looking forward to seeing it next week and to sharing it with you via the blog.

Well done keep up the brilliant work