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Mathematics at Newhall Park:



At Newhall Park we aim for all pupils to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics and develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of numbers and the number system. Children are prepared for mathematics they will encounter in the next stage of their education and life beyond school. They reason mathematically using mathematical language, and can explain their mathematical reasoning verbally and written. Enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning are promoted through practical activity, exploration and discussion. As a school we wholeheartedly reject the claim that some people “can’t do” maths – in truth, everyone can

Maths at Newhall Park provides the opportunity to:

  • Develop secure conceptual understanding along with factual and procedural fluency.
  • Become confident mathematicians, inspired by a love of ‘number’ and problem solving.
  • Solve problems by applying their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems.
  • Make links across all elements of the mathematics curriculum, in addition to the primary curriculum as a whole.
  • Succeed academically and be prepared for mathematics encountered in every-day life/occupations beyond school.

Mathematics In Action At Newhall Park:

Year 6's fantastic fractions work