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COP26 - Climate Change 18/11/2021

You will have been aware of COP26 which was held in Glasgow from 31st October 2021 to 12th November 2021. Listening to the pledges of world leaders made me think of how we can all contribute to a greener environment. 

Over the past few years at Newhall Park we have invested and made changes in order to make our energy use more efficient. From 2019 to 2021 the school has undergone a complete re-wire. In key areas of the building we now have lights that are sensitive to movement and will switch off automatically. This has saved energy. Our control panel shows how we are using different levels of energy for different areas such as lighting, IT equipment etc. This helps us to be more aware and change practice where necessary.

In addition we are aware of the need to have a building that is sufficiently insulated. You will remember last year work was completed on a brand new, well insulated roof. This academic year we are replacing all the windows in the building. Key Stage One and Year Six are amongst areas that are benefitting now from the new windows. Work will re-commence on 29th November 2021.

In our Curriculum Intent it states,

‘We have a responsibility to help shape the lives of our young people in order to develop well rounded, caring and employable citizens of society and our curriculum has this aim at its heart.’

Making our children aware of environmental issues is a key part of this. From topics discussed in Science and Geography to the school going for ‘The Eco-Schools Green Flag’ accreditation our children have the opportunity to debate and share their opinions on this key area for their future.


Fantastic keep up the good work. (KS1, LKS2)



Some positive changes within school which is fantastic to see. It’s good to see that our children are being made aware of environmental issues and have the opportunity to share their opinions. (LKS2, UKS2)