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At Newhall Park Primary we believe Design and Technology is a practical and valuable subject, requiring creativity, resourcefulness and imagination. It builds core skills and expertise that can equip you throughout your life and career. Through high quality teaching of Design and Technology, we enable our pupils to be reflective, innovative, enterprising and resilient. At Newhall Park, the ethos of Design and Technology instils resilience, perseverance, creative thinking and problem solving within our children. It allows them to adapt their thinking, to fail and feel safe. Instilling confidence to persevere and go on to try again and achieve. Meaningful links with the Science, Geography and History curriculum are used as a vehicle for teaching the Design & Technology curriculum. 


"Technology makes possibilities. Design makes solutions."

John Maeda

The Design and Technology curriculum offered at Newhall Park Primary provides our students with the opportunity to: 

  • Understand and apply the principles of nutrition. 
  • Develop an understanding of food hygiene issues, therefore learning how to cook safely and confidently. 
  • Grow their own vegetables through the edible gardens scheme thereby further developing children’s understanding of nutrition and healthy eating.  Whilst also teaching them responsibility of caring for their food, giving them a skill for life. 
  • Develop the creative, technical and practical expertise needed to perform everyday tasks confidently, and to participate successfully in an increasingly technological world. 
  • Build and apply a repertoire of knowledge, understanding and skills in order to design and make high quality prototypes and products for a wide range of users.
  • Critique, evaluate and test their ideas and products and the work of others. 
  • Learn and use appropriate technological vocabulary.

Long-Term Plan