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Curriculum at Newhall Park 16.01.2023

Happy New Year! I thought I would take the opportunity and use my first Head Teacher Blog of 2023 to share with you some of the exciting ways that we are further developing our curriculum at Newhall Park.

Having a wide range of trips across school can act as real enhancement for the children’s learning and bring things to life for them. Some examples of the destinations we plan to take different year groups to are; the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, the Thackray Medical Museum, the Royal Armouries, Bradford Science and Media Museum and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


Members of staff work really hard together to keep on enhancing, enriching and refining the curriculum to give our children the very best. To maximise this staff are organised into Curriculum Teams so innovative ideas and expertise can be shared effectively. As a school we do a lot of monitoring to check that our plans and teaching have a good impact on learning and that children remember what they have been taught. On Thursday 12th January the Senior Leadership Team worked with Mrs Farooq and Mrs Evans and spent the day looking at the impact of the ICT and Writing teaching across school. It was a really positive day. We listened to pupils and their ideas, we looked at the books and we went into lessons to observe the teaching and learning. We saw so many brilliant things and have planned a few next steps to make things even better. We have a similar day planned for Monday 30th January with the focus this time being on Maths and Science.


As well as monitoring each other within school we also invite governors and external consultants to come into school to work with us. Following on from our successful OFSTED last year we are continuing to push forward, breaking down barriers for children to enable them to thrive.


Please enjoy the photos below of some examples of the display boards around school.

Curriculum Displays

Very well done 👏🏻 team