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Instrumental Teaching within School

Instrumental Teaching within School


At Newhall Park we offer three core instruments throughout school. We believe these instruments give children an opportunity to access and create music at a wide range of abilities.


In EYFS, there is an opportunity for learning through singing and the use of percussion instruments. The newly installed junkyard percussion set for Reception is an exciting musical activity for all Reception children to enjoy. 


In KS1, there is a continued element of percussion through the use of boomwhackers. These exciting instruments are used to create a range of percussion sounds and are available for use within lessons. 


In LKS2, children learn how to use the chime bars. These instruments are a really interactive way of learning percussion and introduce key elements of performing music. Watch out for these instruments in our fantastic key stage productions. 


In UKS2, children begin to learn the Ukelele. This is an exciting instrument which is part of the Lute family of instruments.