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SATS Results, Matilda Production and Forest Schools - 21/07/22

For the first time since 2019 Primary Schools have all taken part in National Tests. As promised in my blog on 06.05.22 I am delighted to let you know of the school’s overall outcomes for the national tests.


In Year 6 the children have done amazingly well and have made brilliant progress throughout the year. In Maths 79% of the cohort achieved the expected standard, 71% did in Reading as did 75% in Writing. To put these results in context both Maths and Writing are above the National data for 2022 and Reading is in line. Well done to all and thank you for all the hard work.


The KS1 SATS are taken by Year 2 pupils and the outcomes have also been really pleasing. In Maths 72% of the cohort achieved the expected standard. This was slightly lower in Reading (65%) and Writing ((57%). The children have made so much progress across the year and we are really proud of them. The interventions across the Key Stage have had a positive impact. Thank you to all the staff for their hard work.


We also have to report what percentage of the children in Reception have reached a Good Level of Development (GLD). 59% of the Reception Cohort achieved GLD this is compared to 65% in 2019. Once again this achievement shows how much hard work has been invested into addressing the gaps in learning caused by the pandemic.


Please see the school website for the results in full, which will also include the Phonics screen results and the Year 4 multiplication check.

I am also really pleased to include below some photographs from the forest schools activities that Year 1, 4 and 6 took part in and the clips of the Year Production Matilda.

Year 1 - Forest Schools

Year 4 - Forest Schools

Year 6 - Forest Schools

Y6 Prodcution - Matilda - Matilda Dance

Y6 Production - Matilda - Classroom Scene

Y6 Production - Matilda - When I Grow up

Y6 Production - Matilda - School

Y6 Production Matilda Bruce Bogtrotter

Y6 Production - Matilda - Reprise

Our school magazine the Newhall Buzz will be out this week and contains write-ups on many of the activities we have been doing recently. It has been another year to be proud of at Newhall Park. Thank you all for your continuing support.