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Our primary aim for music provision at Newhall Park Primary School is to inspire a love of the subject - to make music an enjoyable learning experience for all children. Children participate in a variety of musical experiences through which we aim to build the confidence of all children. Music plays a vital part of children’s personal, social, emotional and cultural development. Our goal is to provide children with the skills, experiences and a curriculum that reflects this. 


Music at Newhall Park provides the opportunity to: 

  • Develop the child as a whole through engagement in musical activities.
  • Ensure all pupils are able to access musical activities.
  • Explore and understand how sounds are made and can be organised into musical structures.
  • Develop the interrelated skills of composition, performance and musical appreciation.
  • Nurture all our children’s love for music and help children to understand a range of different musical genres. 
  • Make links to a wide range of cultures and explore their musical genre and history. 

Long-Term Plan



Please see the Curriculum Information section below for more detailed information about our Music curriculum at Newhall Park.

Music In Action At Newhall Park:


Nathan Robinson, also known as ‘The Plumber Drummer’, came into school to perform for Years 3 and 4. The children really enjoyed the performance. The range of sounds from such unusual 'instruments' was amazing. 






Making Music Day! We made drum-shakers and practised a tune using them as instruments. We loved it!